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Service Engineers

This is your specialty! People look to you for advice and it’s time you got some appreciation. Are you tired of seeing customers confused about which products to use for cleaning and disinfecting? Not to mention one of the most hidden probe destroyers of all time: Colored Gel. When sonographers forget to clean the gel off the probe lens, the dyes can stain the plastic and eventually create cracks around the lens allowing ultrasound gel to get underneath, create dropout and eventually damage the crystal. Combine that with today’s harsh sprays and disinfecting wipes and you’ve got yourself a huge problem: Especially if you are covering the systems under a service contract.

Our products and testing methods were created by Service Engineers and Sonographers so we know the day to day frustrations your customers are facing.

Once you sign up it’s easy to share your unique link throughout your network using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email. Your customers will get a discount on their order; you’ll make 10% of their order and 5% from any of their referrals. Refer other service engineers to the partner program and get 5% of all of their customer orders too.

It’s that easy. Just sit back and collect your dough. You can always log into your Partner Portal and see your statistics.

If you need any assistance, just send us an email and or call us at 855-879- 4737 ext. 701. We’re here to help you be successful.

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