Ultrasound Distributors

When you’re trying to sell capital equipment, the last thing on your mind should be stocking and managing consumable orders. You don’t need to tie up your capital in inventory that sits, takes up space and uses your resources. We’ll provide you with everything you need to direct your customers to our online store and make sure that you receive credit for every sale by providing you with your own unique coupon code.

Every month we will send you a report of your customers and their orders along with your commission payment. Once your customers place their first order, you will receive credit for all future orders even if the customer signs up for our auto-ship program.

Once you sign up it’s easy to share your unique link or coupon code through your network using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email. Place a banner on your site and capture customers looking for ultrasound supplies. Your customers will get a discount on their order  you’ll make 10% of their order and 5% from any of their referrals. Refer other reps to this partner program and you’ll get 5% from all of their customers too.

It’s that easy. Just sit back and collect your dough. You can always log into your Partner Portal and see your statistics.

If you need any assistance, just send us an email and or call us at 855-879- 4737 ext. 701. We’re here to help you be successful.