About Us

 At SONO Supplies, we are Ultrasound specialists and Healthcare Industry Professionals. While other companies offer generic disinfectant wipes and low-quality gels, we focus 100% of our energy on the delicate nature of ultrasound machines. With over a decade in the ultrasound manufacturing industry, our team of seasoned professionals has seen many types of everyday damage that causes forfeiture of warranty coverage and expensive replacement costs.

SONO Wipes and SONO Gel are proudly Made In The USA.

Stop using harmful generic disinfectants and contact us to get the right wipes and ultrasound gel for your equipment. You’ll preserve the lifespan of one of your facilities most valuable assets and reduce liability from potential patient shock. At SONO Supplies, we’ve taken the guesswork out of which consumables to use with a product that tells you exactly what it does. There’s no need to guess or spend time deciphering the manufacturer’s manual.

Don’t let the wrong wipe cost you thousands of dollars! Most disinfectant wipes used in today’s hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers cause damage to ultrasound equipment. Unbeknownst to many medical staff, these machines and transducers cannot be cleaned in the same way as X-ray machines, CT and MRI units. 

Using the wrong disinfectant wipe causes serious damage including:
  • Delaminated transducer heads
  • Failure of leakage tests
  • Risk of patient shock
  • Transducer and cable yellowing and cracking
  • Degradation of the machine’s professional look
  • Lower trade-in value

Please contact us with any questions you may have!