Ultrasound machines, their components, supplies, and maintenance carry significant financial costs. With proper care and upkeep, you can better protect your investment by getting the most out of your equipment during its lifespan.

Well-cared-for ultrasound equipment is also more capable of operating at peak performance levels, leading to more accurate diagnosis and better treatment. It is important to follow strict cleaning, sterilization, and maintenance practices as these preemptive measures go a long way in ensuring patient health and the longevity of sensitive equipment.

Caution should be exercised when choosing your cleaning supplies. Some vendors supply sono wipes, ultrasound gel, or other solutions that contain ethanol, bleach, and harsh surfactants.

Products made with these chemicals should be avoided as they are known to cause discoloration and deteriorate your equipment. Our solvent-and-alcohol-free sono ultrasound wipes make an excellent choice for ultrasound operators seeking medical-grade cleaning supplies that don't harm your equipment.


If cables, keyboards, monitors, probe holders, or transducers are allowed to go unchecked, they become a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Understanding how important is the role of surface disinfection after each session, your machine and its paraphernalia must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with appropriate good quality ultrasound supplies

The sono disinfecting wipes we offer are designed to do just that. The rigorously-tested, proprietary formula found in these solvent-free ultrasound wipes is effective against nearly 50 pathogens commonly found in medical environments.

Unsanitary ultrasound maintenance put patients in harm’s way, and open your organization to potential legal trouble or government penalties. Our 99.9% effective sono wipes protect against such unfavorable situations.

SONO is one of a small number of brands designed specifically to clean and disinfect ultrasound equipment. Standard medical disinfectant wipes contain chemicals that work fine when cleaning other medical machinery but can cause damage when used on ultrasound equipment.

Our ultrasound probe wipes have been meticulously tested on all major ultrasound brands and are guaranteed to not harm the various ultrasound components they’re exposed to. Equally as important, they abide by internationally recognized medical standards set by the EPA and OSHA. Possessing these standards is a required point in many healthcare-related policies. You can see such an example on Center for Cellular Imaging Biohazard Policy of Washington University in St. Louis.


In addition to cleanliness, SONO's non-toxic, non-damaging medical-grade ultrasound wipes have been engineered, over the course of many years, by professional ultrasound designers with health, ease of use, and durability in mind.

The patented formula is strong enough to neutralize infectious agents such as Influenza, HIV, Staph, and MRSA while remaining delicate enough to use without gloves.

Sonographers who prefer SONO ultrasound wipes often note that this brand doesn't dry out the skin as others do. This is a great benefit, especially for high-volume hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers that see many patients on a daily basis.

There is no reason to use substandard, untested alternatives that put your organization, equipment, and patients at risk. The makers of sono disinfecting wipes did the testing so you don’t have to.

Why compromise the integrity of your precious investment by using inferior ultrasound disinfectant wipes that are known to ruin these unique machines. If you choose us as your ultrasound compatible disinfecting wipes provider, you can rest assured knowing the product you receive is authentic, product-focused, and dependable.