Full Campus and Facility Protection

Protect your entire school campus or organizational facility with our comprehensive range of non-toxic, alcohol-free cleaning supplies. From hallways to cafeterias, restrooms to conference rooms, our products provide thorough cleaning and disinfection without damaging surfaces.

Designed to tackle a variety of areas, our solutions ensure that your school or organization maintains a clean and healthy environment for all.

safe spaces

Classroom and Office Disinfection

Ensure a safe learning and working environment with our non-toxic, alcohol-free disinfection products. Designed to eliminate germs and bacteria without causing damage to surfaces, our solutions help reduce the spread of illnesses, keeping students, staff, and employees healthy.

multi-purpose cleaning

Specialty Cleaning for Labs, Cafeterias, and Meeting Rooms

Our solutions handle the unique cleaning challenges of these spaces, such as food residues in cafeterias, chemical spills in labs, and high foot traffic in meeting rooms, all while ensuring surfaces remain undamaged.

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