Full Facility Protection

From surface disinfectants to hand sanitizers, our products are designed to provide full-spectrum protection against contaminants without causing damage or skin irritation.

Whether you are managing a small clinic or a large hospital, our cleaning solutions help maintain a safe and hygienic environment for both patients and staff.

SONO Ultrasound Cleaning & Gel Combo Kits - 75-125 Exam Combo Pack - Comprehensive Solution for Ultrasound Equipment Maintenance

Ultrasound Care Made Easy

SONO Ultrasound Wipes are perfect for cleaning and disinfecting probes, ensuring they don't cause damage.

SONO Ultrasound Scanning Gel provides excellent conductivity for clear imaging, while also being gentle on both the equipment and the patient’s skin.

Ultrasound Coverage

Ultrasound Disinfectant Products Collection

SONO Supplies - Ultrasound Cleaning Products Collection, your trusted source for top-tier... 

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