Independent Sales Reps | Pharma Reps

You’ve already got a relationship with your customer base and they trust you as their rep. You can trust us when we say our products will save your customers money in the end. Share our products with your customers and you make some extra spending cash. Your customers can even share this program with their colleagues and join in on the fun.

Once you sign up it’s easy to share your unique link through your network using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email. Your customers will get a discount on their order; you’ll make 10% of their order and 5% from any of their referrals. Refer other reps to this partner program and you’ll get 5% from all of their customers too.

It’s that easy. Just sit back and collect your dough. You can always log into your Partner Portal and see your statistics.

If you need any assistance, just send us an email and or call us at 855-879- 4737 ext. 701. We’re here to help you be successful.