E. Coli: Causes, Symptoms & Prevention

A person can be exposed to E. coli through food contamination, including raw vegetables and undercooked meat (especially ground beef). Healthy adults normally recover from the infection after a week of treatment but children and older adults may suffer more and increase their risk of developing a life-threatening disease called “hemolytic uremic syndrome” a form of kidney failure.

Sanitizer Gels and Sprays: Alternatives? (3 DIY receipts included)

Sanitizing Wipes When washing your hands with soap and water isn’t an option, hand sanitizer sprays and disinfecting wipes are the best way to control the spread of bacteria. The use of these products is more common in the healthcare settings because not only is it more convenient, it is also generally more effective at killing microorganisms.

How Ultrasound Works: Mystery Revealed for Ordinary Mortals

Fast forward to the present times, the ultrasound machine has become a major imaging device used by healthcare professionals to view the internal organs of the body, from blood vessels to the kidneys, liver, and many more. Rapid technological advances provided further improvements to the machine, enhancing image quality from bistable to grayscale and now colored, and from still images to real-time moving images.

Skin Bacteria and Fungi also Love Your GYM

But just like other public places, gyms are germ hotspots too. In case you didn’t know, the typical free weights have 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! And the treadmill you’re running on? It has 74 times more bacteria than a typical public bathroom faucet. That’s pretty gross, isn’t it?

What Can You Use Instead of Ultrasound Gel – Alternatives?

Diagnostic ultrasound utilizes high-frequency sound waves to produce images of body internal organs and soft tissues. But sound waves don’t travel very well through the air, thus, the need for some ultrasound gel. This formula serves as a conductive medium that covers tiny pockets of air in the skin, enabling a tight bond between the skin and the transducer. While a specialized type of gel is used for this procedure, there are many substitutes that serve the same purpose.

7 Uses of Medical Grade Disinfectant Wipes Every Person Should Know About

Germs are everywhere – at home, in school, in the office, at restaurants, even during travel! They thrive on our cellphones and laptops, door knobs, stair rails, elevator buttons, TV remotes, ATMs and surprisingly gas pump handles. Even medical facilities are not foolproof from these disgusting, illness-causing microorganisms.

How Ultrasound is Used in Veterinary

Ultrasound is a non-invasive way to diagnose the patient, it has no side-effects, is actually cheaper and saves time compared to other imaging modalities for both serious cases and when minor health issues come up. If the animal swallows something that can harm its inner organs, the vet can immediately echo the patient and identify what kind of treatment it needs.

5 Things that Can Damage Transducers and How to Prevent it

Ultrasound transducers are highly-specialized machines that are critical in diagnosing various patient conditions and helping facilitate their treatment. Given that inaccurate or, worse, faulty readings can result in providing the wrong treatment to a patient, it's imperative that an ultrasound transducer is always in optimal condition.
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