CDC Recommends Alcohol-Based Sanitizer - But Is That Our Only Option?

By Sean Stewart, SONO Contributor -- No matter where you live, everyone wants this quarantine to end. And in spite of...

The Essential Steps to Maintain Good Air-Quality in Maternity Clinic

Air-quality is vital for maternity clinics as it can greatly affect the health of expecting mothers and infants. As a result, can cause life-long congenital disorders that can affect the child throughout life.

SONO Month in Review | January 2020

This time SONO Month in Review for January presents to the readers the amazing ultrasound images of pregnant dolphins and tiger sharks. We have also included the results of market trends and forecast till 2030. Keep reading for more details.

The 2019 Flu Season Isn’t Normal

The 2019 flu season started early this year in the US and hospitalizations are already being reported from coast to coast.

SONO Month in Review | November 2019

SONO Month in Review for November presents to the readers the amazing discoveries of ultrasound treatments. They include the ways to cure prostate cancer, Parkinson's tremors, and Alzheimer's disease and other interesting news. Keep reading for more details.

SONO Month in Review | October 2019

The medical industry is developing every day. We would like to provide you with highlights of discoveries and researches in the field of medicine and science that happened during October.  Here are the most relevant news for your professional interests.

Medical equipment sterilization: facts and hacks

The sterilization of medical equipment is extremely vital in hospitals. It's not just for the patients who come in with lowered immune systems and are exposed to possible contaminants due to their contact with bandages, medical devices, surgical tools, etc. The medical safety of the people who work in the hospital is paramount to ensure that they can continue to serve the patients to the best of their ability. Moreover, proper hygiene is directly related to a health facility's reputation. 

SONO Month in Review | September 2019

Mammography is widely used for breast cancer screening; ultrasound is used as a supplemental screening for patients at high risk and for those who have conspicuous findings in a mammogram. The market for conventional handheld ultrasound has performed well as a supplemental imaging in most countries and primary diagnostic/screening tool in others. 

Yoga Hygiene Etiquette: From Walls to Mat Wiping

Proper hygiene is important to have perfect yoga experience. With so many studios to choose from, you could lose students if their cleanliness standards aren’t met. This article highlights important tips for yoga instructors to keep germs at bay.

Sono month in review | August 2019

New developments and discoveries in the field of medicine and science happen every day. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with new trends and innovations on a daily basis, so we decided to highlight most relevant and unique articles for your professional interests this month. 

Keeping Perfect Hygiene in a Hotel Room Can Be Easy

Staying in a hotel room after a long trip can be very comforting. However, there are times that you don’t get what you expect from a hotel such as cleanliness. Even fancy hotels can have cleanliness and sanitation issues that make you want to ask yourself, “are hotels clean?” Nonetheless, if you have good hygienic habits such as taking a travel comforter, it will be less frustrating for you to stay in a not-so-clean hotel. Here are some hygienic tips and hygiene tips to follow when you’re in a hotel. 

SONO Month in Review | July 2019

While others enjoy their vacations, medical practitioners and scientist work hard to come up with long-awaited solutions and save lives. Understanding how overloaded the workflow if today, we have picked some most interesting and useful news from the past month, so that the readers enjoyed their 5 minute breaks.
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