Six Holiday Safety Tips: Follow Them to a Safer Holiday Celebration

Six Holiday Safety Tips: Follow Them to a Safer Holiday Celebration

Most of us are giddy and excited to join the holiday rush. Who isn’t?! With all the big markdowns, huge sales and freebies, the holiday season is meant to make you more excited. Plus, the children are excited to go out because of the eye-catching decorations and Christmas lights and they also get to see their cousins. Well, even thieves and robbers are excited because they know that people will be away from their homes vacationing or visiting loved ones and for the smarter ones, they can even check you out on social media to know your whereabouts. In this article, we are going to talk about the seven holiday tips that you should follow to have a truly, merry Christmas.


Holiday Safety Tips: double check

1.  Double Check

It always pays to double check your power outlet, cooking stoves for any gas leaks and door locks. Doing so gives you peace of mind. Another technique to make you feel even more relaxed? You can take a picture of the locked door before leaving, the power sockets, maybe how your pet was safely in the cage., etc. By taking pictures of the things that you had double checked, you have something to look at to, maybe show your husband so you both have peace of mind that your house is in one piece when you get back.


late post, holiday safety tips

2.  #LatePost Please

We understand how exciting it is to be posting real time on social media. But what if someone was stalking you and is just waiting for an update that you’re on a way to your vacation spot and ready to attack your house? That’s too easy peasy for him, isn’t it? The truth is we have no idea who is watching us and it is possible that people can keep their grudges and might just be waiting for a right time to target you. As much as possible, if you really do want to post, just do a delayed post. If you are unsure that all of your contacts in your account are really who they appear to be, it’s better to verify them. If that’s too much work for you, you can create a new account and accept those that are really your friends. Trust us, when your account is secure, you can post anything, you can be yourself without being afraid of being judged.


securing money during holiday

3.  Secure your money

Sometimes, we can get caught in the adrenaline rush and excitement. We tend to forget small things like where we put our money, did we even put our wallet inside our bag? When we are out with a really good friend and are busy chit chatting and eating, we are careless about other stuff. So be mindful of where you put your money because your handbag is a target this holiday season. As much as possible, when going out, spread equals amounts in at least three places so that in case you lose your purse, you still have some spare money.


children on leash

4.  Children on Leash

When we are inside the mall, the tendency is that there will be many people and the children might get lost in the crowd. We do not want this to happen. This is emotionally scary for them and they will end up not knowing what to do. Also, we don’t want them taken by some random stranger, right? If it is not that important to take them with you to shopping, you can leave them with a trusted sitter or relative at home. If they want to come along with cousins, assign the eldest cousin as the one in charge and orient him or her with responsibilities. Have them exchange numbers so they can contact each other in case someone gets lost. In addition, let them know that in case they get separated from the group, they can always approach a mall security guard or ask an adult to bring them to one, but the latter is safer as it’s best for them not to talk to strangers.


clean is healthy: safety during holiday

5. Clean is Healthy

In no. 4, we have mentioned that keeping your children safe should be one of the holiday tips you should remember. Oftentimes, in the holiday rush, we find ourselves busy with big discounts, we pay for a lot of things, hold decorations., etc. We cannot afford to be sick in this time of the year, otherwise, you will be just like Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer. It is best to not forget to take disinfecting wipes with you. Disinfecting wipes or also known as wet wipes with the anti-bacterial factor, are very convenient to use and useful when you are in a fast food restaurant, where tables aren’t appropriately cleaned, and you can disinfect tables just in seconds. So, before you leave the house, make sure you have disinfecting wipes in your day bag.


safety on the road during holidays

6. Be safe on the road

This tip is generic because we are not sure who’s reading. You might come from a country with snow or rain. A very helpful tip is when you have a car, be sure it is conditioned for the weather. You don’t want your car to break down and cause traffic. More so, you are putting your groceries and yourself to risk when you are at the side or middle of the road. Always be prepared for any contingencies. If your car seems to be having a problem, maybe it is best to leave it at home and take public transportation. On the train, be careful with your things, especially your money. Not looking too much fancy and wearing less jewelry is the key. Wear only those that er must-haves: gold engagement rings, wedding rings, etc.


With these five-holiday safety tips in mind, you can be sure that you’ll get back home to your family safely and enjoy the holiday season with love and peace of mind. Did you like this article? Write your comments below!

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