Clear Image Sterile Ultrasound Gel

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Clear Image Singles® STERILE Gel packets are single patient packets of sterile ultrasonic gel over-wrapped in a peel-able pouch. They are designed for use in ultrasound applications where a sterile gel is desired.

  • Free of added perfumes and dyes gels reduce the likelihood of skin irritation or staining
  • Water-based, water-soluble gel wipes off easily
  • Contains no parabens, surfactants, oils, alcohol or silicone
  • Easy to Use - Peel apart the outer pouch to remove the inner gel packet. Then, simply tear along the perforation and dispense the gel through the built-in dispensing spout
  • Helps make secure contact between the transducer and the patient
  • Each packet contains 20 Grams of sterile gel. Packaged 48 packets/box
  • Made in USA

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