SONO Month in Review | October 2019

SONO Month in Review | October 2019

The goal of SONO Month in Review is to regularly provide our readers with all the news, discoveries, studies that happen all over the world regarding the ultrasonography and disinfection. We aim to identify the most interesting news that we would like to draw your attention to. In this issue, we would like to share the news about technological advancements in the ultrasound image and mobile scanners as well as workflow platforms. Keep reading this post for more details and other news.

Lung Ultrasound May Cut Readmissions in Acute HF Patients | MedPage Today


Lung Ultrasound

October 27, 2019

The study suggests that a pre-discharge, point-of-care lung ultrasound exam may be useful for detecting subclinical pulmonary edema in patients with acute heart failure (HF) exacerbations, and predict if they are at risk for readmission. The study enrolled patients with a discharge diagnosis of acute congestive HF exacerbation. 

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Should OB/GYNS Perform an Ultrasound Examination at 35-37 Weeks’ Gestation? | Contemporary OB/GYN


ultrasound examination

October 30, 2019

Ultrasound examination at 35 to 37 weeks may reveal fetal anomalies that could not be observed in earlier ultrasounds, according to research recently published in Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology. The study, which involved more than 50,000 pregnancies, summarized which anomalies could be diagnosed for the first time at ultrasound examination at 35 to 37 weeks’ gestation. The researchers said their findings indicate that a high proportion of fetal abnormalities are detected for the first time during an ultrasound examination. They believe that incorporating ultrasound at that time in the gestational period could potentially improve postnatal outcomes.

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Tucson-Based Medical Technology Startup Develops Ultrasound System for Mobile Devices | Chamber Business News

medical startup

October 9th, 2019

Tucson startup is taking ultrasound on the road with its unique mobile ultrasound platform, which can work from an ordinary smartphone using a simple peripheral device. The idea is to make ultrasound technology more accessible to rural communities.

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New Pocket Ultrasound Scanners Smaller, More Powerful, More Affordable| Markets Business Insider

pocket ultrasound

October 31st, 2019

Clarius Mobile Health launched its second-generation series of wireless ultrasound scanners on October 31st, putting the power and image quality of larger, more expensive systems in an affordable device that fits in a pocket.

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Fujifilm SonoSite is Betting the Future of Ultrasound on Artificial Intelligence | Geekwire

Fujifilm SonoSite

October 25, 2019

SonoSite is focused on a future in which artificial intelligence helps healthcare workers to make sense of ultrasounds in real-time. The idea is that computers can be trained to identify and label critical pieces of a medical image to help clinicians get answers without the need for specially-trained radiologists.

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Butterfly Unveils Device-Agnostic, the Mobile-Friendly Ultrasound Workflow Platform | Mobi Health News

ultrasound workflow platform

October 24, 2019

Butterfly Network, announced that it is releasing a suite of mobile-friendly tools for provider workflows platform for ultrasound device.

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Ultrasound Imaging Finally Gets an Upgrade As Scientists Improve the Quality by 10x | Good News Network

ultrasound image

October 5, 2019

Scientists have unveiled a new technique using a super-resolution ultrasound method that improves resolution by 5 to 10 times compared to standard ultrasound images. It allows whole organs to be scanned in super-resolution. It is expected to lead to earlier cancer diagnoses and allows medical staff to more effectively target treatments to any malignant tissue. In fact, it could eventually replace the need for biopsy altogether.

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