SONO Month in Review | June 2019

In the medical sphere, as in any other field, new discoveries and changes occur every day. Deeply understanding the necessity of being informed of the latest developments in a medical world, you will probably not miss a piece of single recent news that may contain information that can be useful either in your career or for your family life.


Warm Springs Health & Wellness Center Implements Digisonics Solution for OB Ultrasound .

 Warm Springs Health & Wellness Center Implements Digisonics Solution for OB Ultrasound | ITN

June 17th  

Warm Springs Health & Wellness Center in Warm Springs, Ore., has selected the Digisonics OB PACS (picture archiving and communication system) and Structured Reporting Solution for their facility.In partnership with providers from Oregon Health and Science University, Warm Springs is now able to offer onsite state-of-the-art, obstetrical care services to their community. The Digisonics system provides image storage, review, comprehensive measurements, and calculations package and structured reporting for their OB ultrasound studies. Seamless integration with the facility’s GE ultrasound machine will automatically transfer data directly into the report, eliminating manual data entry workflows.



A miniature robot that could check colons for early signs of disease

A miniature robot that could check colons for early signs of disease| Leeds University

June 19

Known as a Sonopill, the device could one day replace the need for patients to undergo an endoscopic examination, where a semi-rigid scope is passed into the bowel – an invasive procedure that can be painful.
Micro-ultrasound images also have the advantage of being better able to identify some types of cell change associated with cancer.



Ultrasound method restores dopaminergic pathway in brain at Parkinson's early stages

Ultrasound method restores dopaminergic pathway in the brain at Parkinson's early stages | Columbia University in the City of New York

June 6

The researchers used transcranial, focused ultrasound and intravenously injected microbubbles into the BBB to make a localized and transient opening that allows drugs to cross through the BBB reversibly and non-invasively. Focusing on Parkinson's disease, in collaboration with Serge Przedborski's group in the department of neurology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, they discovered that protein delivery and gene delivery across the BBB can partly restore the dopaminergic pathways, the neurons in the brain that are affected in early Parkinson's disease.


University of concordia new method to evaluate the health of artificial heart valvesResearchers developed a new method to evaluate the health of artificial heart valves | Concordia University

June 19

Researchers at Concordia have devised a technique to detect obstructions in a type of mechanical heart valve they believe will contribute to safer follow-up methods for cardiologists and their patients.The method the team designed maps simulated blood flow patterns that result from six different heart valve blockages. The researchers photographed particles immersed in a liquid that mimics blood and pumped the fluid through the heart duplicator.
Using a technique called particle image velocimetry, they were able to determine the flow velocity. It allowed them to simulate what blood flow would look like with the leaflets completely clear of obstruction, when they were partially obstructed and when fully obstructed.


New biomarker test improves diagnosis of ovarian cancer 

New biomarker test improves the diagnosis of ovarian cancer | Uppsala University

June 20

Ovarian cancer is often discovered at a late stage and has a high mortality rate. Out of 10 patients, only 3–4 survive 5 years after treatment, and there has been no test specific enough to justify screening. Women with accidental findings of an ovarian cyst or with symptoms instead undergo an ultrasound and if abnormalities are seen, surgery is the only way to make sure all cancers are detected. This means that many women are operated on without having cancer, resulting in unnecessary surgery and increased risks for women.


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