SONO Month in Review | January 2020

SONO Month in Review | January 2020

The goal of SONO Month in Review is to regularly provide our readers with all the news, discoveries, studies that happen all over the world regarding the ultrasonography and disinfection. We aim to identify the most interesting news that we would like to draw your attention to. In this issue, we would like to share the news about the ultrasound images of sharks and dolphins. As well as some news concerning the market and forecast. Keep reading this post for more details and other news.

Baby Shark Fetus Inside The Womb | New York Post

Baby Shark ultrasound iage

January 28th

World's cutest baby picture of a fish. A new video released by scientists studying a group of tiger sharks shows an ultrasound of a wriggling shark-pup fetus. Scientists were fascinated by a large number of tiger sharks congregating in the diver-friendly shallow waters off the coast of the Bahamas, an area dubbed Tiger Beach. They decided to investigate whether the disproportionate number of female sharks — which outnumber male sharks 9 to 1 — in the cold months was linked to reproduction.

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First Detailed Ultrasound Images of Pregnant Dolphins Are Both Beautiful And Tragic | Science Alert

Ultrasound Images of Pregnant Dolphins

January 19th

The upgraded approach could allow us to detect fetal abnormalities and complications at all stages of dolphin gestation. The images are an incredible scientific advance, but the reasons we need to take them are devastating. For humans and other animals, ultrasounds have proved time and again to be life-saving, and dolphins are no exception. For years, this technique has been used to evaluate a dolphin's reproductive success as well as its pulmonary, cardiac, hepatic, urinary, gastrointestinal and lymphatic systems.

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Tuned Ultrasound Selectively Disrupts the Structure of Cancer Cells | Physics World


Cancer cells, ultrasound treatment__


January 24th

Medical engineers have proven that the unique internal structure of cancer cells can make them vulnerable to vibrations from specific frequencies of ultrasound. These low-intensity pulsed ultrasound waves are a potentially safe therapy to target cancers of the blood.

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Ultrasound Can Increase The Strength of Metal 3D Printed Parts | 3D Printing Media Network


3D printing with ultrasound

January 9th

The RMIT research team has discovered that ultrasound technology can be used to create stronger, denser metal parts by essentially shaking powder particles into a tighter formation during the printing process.

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Ultrasound Firm Suspended by Health Bosses Goes Into Voluntary Liquidation | Manchester Evening News




January 31th

Bestcare Diagnostics has provided sonography services across much of Greater Manchester - including in Rochdale, Wigan, and Oldham - over the past four years. Lead commissioner Salford CCG stepped in to stop the Stockport-based company from practicing last month due to ‘concerns over the quality of the service being provided'.

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Georgia Bill Would Let Women Get an Abortion Without Seeing an Ultrasound Image | WGXA


ultrasound image


February 4th

A newly proposed bill in the Georgia legislature would let women get an abortion without seeing an ultrasound first. The "heartbeat" abortion bill is now held up in courts, and Kendrick says HB 746 would help women get access to necessary healthcare.

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B-type Diagnostic Ultrasound Devices Market- Trends, Analysis, and Forecast till 2030 | MENAFN - Ameliorate Solutions

Ultrasound industry research and forecast

Febuary 2nd

PMI's Latest Report, B-type Diagnostic Ultrasound Devices Market report is analyzed and studied on the basis of a comprehensive backdrop analysis. Market research report covers a detailed study of company profiles, which are implementing several strategies to gain their status in the global market.

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