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Keeping Perfect Hygiene in a Hotel Room Can Be Easy

Staying in a hotel room after a long trip can be very comforting. However, there are times that you don’t get what you expect from a hotel such as cleanliness. Even fancy hotels can have cleanliness and sanitation issues that make you want to ask yourself, “are hotels clean?” Nonetheless, if you have good hygienic habits such as taking a travel comforter, it will be less frustrating for you to stay in a not-so-clean hotel. Here are some hygienic tips and hygiene tips to follow when you’re in a hotel. 

Clean your Bathroom

To prepare yourself from being hygienic in hotels, you need to start at home. It is important to clean your dirty bathroom regularly and get rid of germs under microscope. If you maintain cleanliness in your bathroom, you will know how to deal with nasty bathrooms in a hotel room and adapt good bathroom etiquette. Knowing how to clean your toilet face and eliminate microscopic germs using ultrasound wipes is the first step in turning nasty bathrooms into clean and hygienic ones. If there’s no toilet that washes you in a hotel, you can always do something about that gross bathroom. 

Disinfect your toilet seat area

The first thing you need to do is to disinfect your toilet seat area. Your toilet seat attracts germs the most so it is important to work hard on cleaning and disinfecting it. Use toilet cleaners that are not too harsh or you may even use natural solutions for health concerns. For better results, use travel disinfecting wipes because they are not only gentle on your hands but they also sanitize toilets efficiently. 

Use slippers in the bathroom

The bathroom floor is often dirty and slippery so it is important to always use slippers inside, especially when having a shower. Not all hotels may provide bathroom slippers so you can bring your own if you want to keep your feet clean.

Wash Hands Regularly

Washing hands is one of the most important hygienic habits you should do anywhere you go. When you’re in a hotel, make sure to wash your hands regularly and be aware of your wash times. If you have good hand hygiene, you’re less likely to absorb germs and bacteria from dirty items in the hotel. 

Disinfect Leisure Facilities

When you go to leisure facilities such as beaches and resorts, it is important to maintain your hygienic habits and disinfect dirty items before you use them.

Changing rooms in the beaches

If you love going to the beach, you will notice that changing rooms are one of the dirtiest places in the resort. A lot of people use these facilities and if you are not careful, you may get viruses or diseases from dirty items such as cloth hangers. To avoid such problems, disinfect the hangers before using them or avoid touching them as well as the walls. 

Trestle Beds Are Even Dirtier

Trestle beds are even dirtier than the changing rooms. They accumulate a lot of dirt and germs that will not only make you uncomfortable but may also affect your health. Keep in mind that they are rarely cleaned so it is better to use your own towel on the trestle bed.

Disinfect TV Remote

The TV remote is one of the dirtiest items in hotels and other leisure facilities. It’s even hard to imagine how many people have used them before you. To protect yourself from all the germs coming from the remote control, disinfect it before you use it.

Do Not Use Drinking Glasses

If you’re thirsty, you tend to forget about the glasses you’re going to use and drink right away. The problem is, you don’t know if the hotel staff clean and sanitize the glasses before new guests arrive. Wiping them with a towel or sponge is not enough to clean them. If hygiene is your biggest concern, say no to hotel glasses and just take your own water bottle and refill it with any drinks you want. 

Don’t use bedspreads in hotel

No matter how tired you are, don’t just flop down on the hotel bed with the bedspreads on. Bed spreads are cleaned less regularly than bedsheets so you can’t be sure if those hotel comforters are really clean. Unfortunately, the hotel collection bedding in your room may be unwashed for weeks or even months; hence it is best to get rid of the bedspreads before you sleep.

Take your Own Bedding and Towels

Some hotels don’t regularly clean towels and bedding so it is best to just take your own. They may take some space in your luggage but if you want to stay hygienic while staying in a hotel, this is definitely worth your effort. 

Staying in a hotel can give you comfort but sometimes, it’s the other way around. No matter how fancy or expensive the hotel is, you can’t be sure if they are following hygiene and sanitation regulations so you can follow these hygienic tips and practices. Always disinfect hotel items before you use them and take your own bedding, towels and water bottles to become more comfortable throughout your stay. 

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