7 uses of medical grade disinfecting wipes

7 Uses of Medical Grade Disinfectant Wipes Every Person Should Know About

Germs are everywhere – at home, in school, in the office, at restaurants, even during travel! They thrive on our cellphones and laptops, door knobs, stair rails, elevator buttons, TV remotes, ATMs and surprisingly gas pump handles. Even medical facilities are not foolproof from these disgusting, illness-causing microorganisms.

Great thing, disinfecting wipes were invented. Contrary to traditional sprays, medical grade disinfectant wipes are more effective and convenient in eliminating germs and pathogens that surround us.

If you’re wondering why these wipes are so popular, the short answer is this: they clean, pick the dirt and sanitize pretty much everything. Below are 7 important uses of these products that make them a life-saver and totally irreplaceable:

7 Practical Uses of Medical Grade Disinfectant Wipes


1. Mold and Mildew Removal

Tired of scrubbing off mold and mildew? Who said you should? Some disinfecting wipes feature a scrubbing side that allows you to conveniently wipe down hard-to-remove dirt. And because of its germ-fighting power, the disinfecting wipe inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.

2. Travel Essential

Getting sick when you’re away from home is probably one of the worst feelings. If you’re always on the road (or if you fly often), having medical grade disinfecting wipes is truly a life-saver. Even if you’re in an upscale hotel, germs and pathogens can lurk in the bathroom, carpets, telephone, and even on that innocent-looking remote control. Washing your hands with soap and water or spraying sanitizer on your hands may not be enough to guard yourself from various types of bacteria. Medical Grade Disinfecting travel wipes make a convenient travel essential. Use them to disinfect and sanitize everything you touch – from airplane trays and arm rests, to hotel door knobs, and even your gadgets. The Journal of Environmental Health Research found that colds may be more than 100 times more likely to be transmitted on a plane than during normal daily life on the ground!

3. Household and Office Cleaning

Medical Grade Disinfectant wipes are becoming a household and office cleaning must-have because they are so versatile – you can use these wipes to remove dirt and sanitize different types of surfaces, from your desk to your computer monitor and keyboard, TV, printer, fax machine, and telephone. Gone are the days when you clean by spraying and wiping using a piece of cloth. Disinfecting wipes are specially formulated to clean and sanitize every surface and every corner.

4. Sterilization & Infection Prevention

It has been 10 years since the CDC has taken off the “spray-wipe-spray” protocol from its guidelines for infection prevention in medical facilities and clinics. Since then, healthcare providers have switched from spraying disinfectants to saturated wipes. There are far more types of disinfecting wipes used in the medical industry, which consist of various chemical disinfectant formulas that are proven to eliminate germs and bacteria.

5. Car Detailing

Cleaning car interiors can be a pain sometimes. Many people invest so much on keeping their cars clean and shiny on the outside while neglecting the insides. Well, you can’t blame yourself – this part is always the hardest with all the tiny corners that need to be sanitized. Good thing, there are auto-detailing wipes available in stores today. Simply wipe down surfaces, including your cup holders, leather seats, buckles, and the touch-screen car stereo.

6. Medical Equipment Cleaning

Disinfecting wipes are widely used in cleaning medical equipment. If you are a healthcare provider, you need to ensure that your equipment runs smoothly and does not harm your patients. Such wipes are no-ordinary cleaning wipes. They are made from a specialized type of fabric that quickly removes dirt, smudge, and spots without damaging the surface. Medical-grade disinfectant wipes, for instance, are non-abrasive and textured to pick up even the smallest particles.

7. Infection & Contamination Prevention

You’ve probably seen canisters of wipes in the entrance of grocery stores to wipe handles of grocery carts. Germs easily spread and contamination happens in a split-second. Good thing, promoting proper hygiene has become common practice not only in healthcare, but also in private and public establishments.


Medical grade Disinfecting wipes are indeed a must-have. Chemically formulated to fight the most germs and inhibit the growth of bacteria, these wipes have so many practical uses, from removing dirt and mold buildup to disinfecting common household surfaces, cleaning offices, sanitizing medical equipment, preventing infection and contamination and even detailing cars! Safe, effective, and convenient disinfecting wipes are no doubt irreplaceable.

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