5 Must-Haves to Put in Your Schoolchild's Bag

5 Must-Haves to Put in Your Schoolchild's Bag

It’s funny how time flies by so fast. It’s back-to-school season!

Ensuring that your children are equipped with everything they need to learn and have a great day in school can be overwhelming – from sorting their back-to-school supplies to making sure that their uniform still fits, and preparing their school bags.

Okay. You know the staples: pens, books, paper, coloring (and probably some more art materials) and packed lunch. But there are some more items that you should not forget to include when packing school bag for your children to keep them safe, healthy and comfortable all throughout the day. 

A Bottle of Water

You know how important hydration is for your very active, playful children. But they may not know about it as much as you do. The worst part is that kids don’t always recognize the early stages of thirst. Mild dehydration can cause headache, lack of energy, dry skin, and reduced mental performance. So, make sure they have a bottle of water anywhere they go. Children ages 4-8 need at least 1.6L of water to stay hydrated while kids 9-13 need at least 1.9L. Having them bring fruit juice is fine. But they need clean drinking water to hydrate without the excess calories. This keeps them energized throughout the day. Remind your child to sip some water each at least every hour. 

Healthy Snacks

Your child needs snacks. Healthy snacks to be in particular. A day in school can be a tiring one. He needs some treats to stay energized. How about packing him some granola bars? Oatmeal biscuits? And some fruits and steamed veggies? Put these snacks in zippered bags so they stay fresh for longer, and don’t mess your child’s school items like his notebooks. Load your kid’s lunchbox and snack bag with protein (such as nuts) and good carbs as they are the best sources of energy. 

Sanitizing Wipes

Many parents forget about this very important item: disinfecting wipes. But in order to minimize the risk of your child contracting a viral infection or an illness caused by germs, a pack of sanitizing wipes should be available in their school back. Children don’t always wash their hands before eating (especially when their parent or teacher is not around!). They might feel too lazy to do so. But if they have wipes on hand, it’s easy to keep their hands clean all the time. They can also use the wipes to clean surfaces (such as tables and chairs). This is a great way to prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria that could certainly make your child sick. 

Extra Clothes

Okay. Accidents can happen. Your child might get caught up playing outdoors that he ended up having mud splattered all over his uniform, or if not, drenched in sweat. Stains from food, ink or coloring materials are very much possible too. Do have an extra shirt (or a pair of clothes) and a face towel tucked in your child’s schoolbag. You never know when he’s going to need it! It’s better if you let him bring an extra pair of socks. 

Hygiene Kit

It is important to teach our children proper hygiene as early as possible. Being neat and clean does not only make them more desirable. It has a huge impact on their health too. Put a small bag containing some of the most important hygiene items for your child such as a comb, soap, sanitizing spray, wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a few cotton balls. Include some meds too (especially those they need to take on time).  

As your child enters the classroom, you have less control of his day. You have less control of what he eats or drinks, or what he does. What you can do best, as a parent, is to equip him with the things he needs to get through a school day with zeal and enthusiasm, the right amount of energy, and extra protection against potential illnesses. You may not have control over his school time, but you have a full control over his school bag – which is an important tool that can either make or break your child’s day in school. Apart from the school bag staples, don’t forget to have these five items too for a safe, comfortable and healthy day in school!

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