Sterile Transducer Covers with Adhesive 7"x 11" - Latex Free


Adhesive eliminates the need of Gel under the Cover – no more bubbles or wrinkles. Telescopic folding provides sterile application.

  • No Rubber Bands
  • No Artifacts
  • No Gel at the Transducer
  • Latex free
  • No Glue Remnants

Three steps to successful use

  1. Reach into the cover following the path of the white tab and remove the white rectangle to expose the adhesive area
  2. Press adhesive against the center of the Transducer using the middle-finger - to prevent wrinkles, rub/flatten adhesive area towards both ends
  3. The non sterile person grabs the cover and pulls it over head and cable – remove white tab and wrap around probe cover

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