SONO Ultrasound Scanning Gel



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  • Bacteriostatic Clear & Non-Staining
  • Perfect Viscosity!
  • Non-Sterile External Use Only

High Quality Medical Care Starts With High Quality Ultrasound Gel

A proper ultrasonic signal is nearly impossible to obtain if the process doesn’t begin with good quality ultrasound gel.

Our top-of-the-line, dye-free ultrasound gel is the ideal solution for medical professionals, healthcare facilities, medical spas, and others who seek clean, unadulterated ultrasonic results.

Unlike many of the alternative ultrasound gels and echo gels on the market, our color-free ultrasound jelly is void of colorants and other impure additives, many of which are known to interfere with a transducer’s reading.

Our tried-and-tested echo gel formula enables your ultrasonic equipment to perform at peak levels. In the end, results obtained when using our echo gel as a transmission medium are much more accurate and clearer than those obtained by way of gels that contain signal interfering dyes and additives.

It also has the added benefit of being less likely to irritate patients with sensitive skin. Some of the chemicals used as a dye in ultrasonic gels are known to cause problems. With our clear ultrasound gel, this is never an issue.


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