Small Combo Pack with Resert High Level Disinfectant

SONO Supplies

This Combo Pack is designed for smaller medical centers that do about 20 ultrasounds per month and require sterile ultrasound gel.


  • 1 (1L) Resert Bottle
  • 1 bottle of R60 Test Strips (90 day Supply)
  • 3 Packs SONO Ultrasound Wipes
  • 4 Bottles of SONO Clear Gel
  • 20 packets of Sterile gel

This is the perfect starter pack for any center requiring high-level cleaning of their endo-cavity or TEE probes. Our SONO disinfecting wipes can be used as a pre-cleaner prior to HLD as well as wiping down the abdominal probes, cables and the console of your ultrasound unit. Our clear gel has the highest grade ingredients and the perfect viscosity to guarantee you get the best image quality.

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